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What Is Marijuana Wax?

Buy Cannabis Wax Online Australia Weed wax is a highly concentrated form of marijuana, typically the color of honey with a consistency closer to Jello or butter. Other slang names include earwax, honeycomb, amber, nectar, black glass or shatter.

Wax is derived from marijuana plants but can have up to eight times the concentration of THC compared to the buds people typically smoke. While the THC content of leaf marijuana averaged 14%, the THC content or marijuana concentrates averaged 54%, according to the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). Some samples reported as high as 99%. Buy Cannabis Online Australia

Allegedly, one “hit” of wax, which is about the size of the head of a pin, is roughly equal to one or two joints, depending on the THC concentration. Dried marijuana leaves rolled into joints, cigarettes, or vaporized typically contain 5 to 28 percent THC

Benefits of Using Cannabis Wax

Potency is probably the most obvious benefit of choosing cannabis wax. High-quality wax will possess little to no butane and an immense quantity of THC. Additionally, because dabbing with a rig turns the substance into a vapor, this method may potentially reduce smoking-linked lung damage because of the high temperatures involved in the combustion process.

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