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What Are Cannabis Cartridges? Cannabis cartridges, also called vape cartridges or vape carts, are a way to inhale marijuana and other cannabis products. Most commonly, they are pre-filled with cannabis that contains THC. This is the psychoactive compound that makes you feel high when you inhale marijuana.

Do Vape Cartridges Get You High?

THC vape oil cartridges will deliver a psychoactive high, yes. If your vape cartridge is made from hemp or CBD dominant, it will not produce an intense high or buzz as THC would. Just like smoking flowers, expect effects to kick in almost immediately and last anywhere from 30 min to 2 hours depending on dosage, personal tolerance, and other personal physiological factors.

Where Can I Buy THC Oil Cartridges?

THC oil cartridges are readily available in our Online Shop, It’s important to purchase THC oil vape cartridge refills at a weedau or vendor to ensure quality and safety.

If you’re looking for a specific brand, many like weedau have a store locator, authorized retailer list, or link to shop direct, located on their websites.

The Benefits of THC Oil Carts

While we’ve mentioned some advantages of THC oil cartridges, let’s more clearly define their benefits in case you’re still on the fence.

  1. Convenient for on-the-go use
  2. Discreet and practically odorless
  3. Long-lasting
  4. Flavorful & potent
  5. Maybe a healthier alternative to smoking

All in all, THC oil cartridges are the future of consuming cannabis as smoking flower quickly becomes more ‘old-school’. Are you still wondering if you should make the transition to THC oil vape cartridge refills? Listen up to some of the most frequently asked questions, next!

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  • 3Chi 6a10a THC Vape $45.00

    Our Δ6a10a THC Vape Cartridge is the highest quality Δ6a10a tetrahydrocannabinol extract on the market. It’s made from hemp and is federally legal. It usually contains 50-80% Δ6a10a THC with the rest being CBN, Δ8 THC, and/or Δ10 THC. It comes in a CCELL cartridge with a ceramic core and mouthpiece for the best possible performance and taste. Due to recent supply issues, this product may come shipped in a clamshell.

  • 3chi Delta 8 $45.00

    Our Delta 8 THC vape cartridge has an unbeatable uplifting feel and contains 95% Δ8THC oil. It is derived from hemp, federally legal, and comes in a CCELL cartridge for the best possible performance and taste. Sativa/Indica/Hybrid and effects for each strain appear when selected from the drop downs below. “CDT” = Cannabis Derived Terpenes. Due to recent supply issues, this product may come shipped in a clamshell.

  • Big Chief $30.00

    A potent cross between the ever popular classic strains Blueberry and Haze, Blue Dream (also known as Azure Haze) is a slightly sativa-dominant strain shrouded in mystery. It is not just dreamy because of its stellar flavor and buzzy cerebral high, but because its history has essentially been wiped from the books with many believing its origins must be a dream. 90.2%Total THC

  • Brass Knuckles $40.00

    Seeking for Brass Knuckles? You have got the best choice and true destination where you can get full satisfaction. As it is the industry leader when it comes to the super premium CO2 extracted cannabis oil products and we sell the same directly to your door steps.

  • Buy Electric Lemonade Online $40.00

    Do not drive or operate heavy equipment. Do no use while pregnant or breastfeeding. Products may only be possessed or consumed by persons 21 years of age or older. Keep out of reach of children.

  • Cure Pen $60.00

    Buy Banana Cookies Curepen Online . Banana Cookies is a strain that you can identify easily, as its buds are covered with loads of yellow pistils that give it a banana-like appeal. With a smell and flavor that’s not unlike ripe bananas, this strain’s name surely won’t disappoint.

  • King Pen $30.00$40.00

    “710 Kingpen cartridge” not under any condition like some other THC vape cartridges, has a nice, clean plan and feel. Buy King Pen Vape Cartridges Online, Browse and choose from a variety of flavors currently available only at THC Bulk Supplies.

  • Muha Meds $25.00$300.00
    • Cannabinoids and Terpenes
    • Naturally Found In: mango, wild thyme, cardamom, hops
    • Naturally Found In: Valencia oranges
    • Naturally Found In: lavander, cilantro, basil
    • Muhameds products do not contain any additives, PG, VG or vitamin E.
  • Stiiizy Pods $30.00$40.00

    Stiiizy pods are compatible with the proprietary Stiiizy device and the new Big Stiiizy, which features a long-lasting 550 mAh battery. best stiiizy flavor Resul is clean, pure concentrates filled with terpenes and flavoring that test upwards of 85% THC levels .stiiizy pods for sale online

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